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Term Life

What’s the difference between term and
permanent life insurance?

Term Life

  • Predetermined
  • Lower
  • None
  • Not Applicable
  • Generally Stays the Same
  • Yes

  • Length of Coverage
  • Cost of Premium
  • Accumulation of Cash Value
  • Taxation of Cash Value Accumulation
  • Premium Variation
  • Death Benefit

Perm Life

  • End of Life
  • Higher
  • At Favourable rate
  • None
  • Generally stays the same
  • Yes

What we offer

Pacific Wealth Solutions partners with MassMutual, an AA+ credit rating insurance carrier, to provide you competitive life insurance products up to $3M coverage. Finish the application in 10 minutes.No medical exam is required.

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How it works

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Step 3: Submit the application
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