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How to Get Term Life Insurance Without a Health Exam

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When it comes to planning for the future, life insurance is a crucial part of any well-designed plan. The last thing you want to do is leave your family with more stress than necessary. Unfortunately, for many people the health exam that comes with applying for life insurance is a major deterrent. Whether you have pre-existing health conditions or get anxiety around needles and other medical equipment, you may be wishing there was a way to get term life insurance without the health exam. 

Is it possible? Can you get term life insurance without a physical? You may be surprised to learn that, yes, you can find life insurance options that don’t require a health exam.

Life Insurance Options With No Medical Exam

There are three different types of term life insurance without a health exam requirement. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions before choosing the one that works best for you.

Simplified Issue Life Insurance

With Simplified Issue life insurance, you will be asked a series of questions about your medical history. This will typically include recent hospitalizations and medical conditions, lifestyle factors like drug and alcohol use, and your height and weight. The insurance company may also dig into public records for more information. This type of life insurance is on the higher end when it comes to cost, and coverage is usually limited to $500,000 or less.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Guaranteed Issue life insurance is the easiest to acquire, but has the lowest payout. It is generally meant for older individuals with little to no other coverage, and used to pay for funeral and burial expenses. You will not be required to disclose a lot of personal information, but despite the name, there are restrictions that can prevent you from qualifying.

Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance is a great option if you have the opportunity to acquire it. This is typically presented as part of the benefits package from your employer. Essentially, the company pays for its employees to have a set amount of coverage. In some cases, you may be required to pay taxes on this benefit, but it is otherwise free.

Tips for Term Life Insurance without a Health Exam

Keep in mind when applying for any type of health insurance that it is important to be completely honest and not withhold any information, as errors can void the policy. Make sure you know the exact conditions for receiving payment, such as whether you need to have had the policy for a certain amount of time beforehand. 

Pacific Wealth Solutions

Get more information about term life insurance from Pacific Wealth Solutions. Use the steps below on that page for term life insurance without a health exam.

Term Life Application Steps

Step 1: Apply Now.

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Step 2: Create an account.

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Step 3: Submit the application.

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Submit the application and wait for the approval.

It’s time to start prepping for your family’s future. Request a free quote to begin the simple, no-medical-exam-required application process!