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How to Get Permanent Life Insurance Without a Health Exam

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Regardless of current health conditions, it is always a good idea to have a life insurance policy in place. If you are unsure of your ability to qualify for life insurance or you simply want to skip the health exam for convenience, you may still be able to get coverage. 


Can you get permanent life insurance without a physical? The good news is that there are options available for permanent life insurance without a health exam—if you know what to look for. 

What is Permanent Life Insurance?

Many life insurance plans are considered “term” insurance, which means that your policy will expire at a designated age or date. Permanent life insurance, however, will remain in effect until you die. Also, term life insurance does not accumulate any kind of cash value over time, while permanent life insurance can be considered an investment.

Why Skip the Health Exam?

There are many common reasons a family or individual may wish to acquire life insurance without a health exam. In some cases, it is physically difficult to attend an appointment (though many companies will send someone to your home), and others simply do not have the time. You may have a pre-existing condition that has caused you to be rejected for a traditional life insurance plan. Or maybe you have a phobia or get anxiety in these types of circumstances and wish to avoid the stress. Whatever the reason, there are solutions available.

Permanent Life Insurance Without a Health Exam

There are several types of permanent life insurance without a health exam requirement. Each will have different terms, costs, and payout amounts, so ask your insurance agent plenty of questions before choosing the plan that is right for you.


In many cases, there will be a waiting period before your life insurance policy takes effect, though some can be completed more quickly than others. Make sure you understand when the policy will become active and how to use it when needed. If possible, choose a policy that will at least return the amount you have already paid in the event that your loved one dies before the waiting period is over. 

Where Can You Get Permanent Life Insurance Without a Physical?

If you have an insurance company you love, ask them if they offer permanent life insurance policies that don’t require a health exam. There are also reputable companies who will assist you online.

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Permanent Life Application Steps

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